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Bobur Umurzokov

Developer Advocate | Software Engineer | Mentor

My Services


Developer Advocacy

Driving customer success by reaching the hearts & minds of developers through inspiring & educating them about products and sevices. Designing and coding use cases, projects, and demo apps will be an essential part of my work, working closely with community members, users, and partners to make sure the company's product is meeting the need of their users and partners.


Developer Marketing

Growing product awareness by applying different techniques and strategies to ensure developers are looking for your product and making the most of your developer audience. My passion for technology, communication, and people will drive company success.


Content Development

Researching, creating, and designing engaging content to drive the easy adoption of the company's platform. My work will span multiple channels, including blogs, videos, and podcasts. Managing the distribution of content through social media.

By the numbers in 2022

I love to deliver inspiring technical content that helps developers to learn and skill up.


The number of talks at conferences, and meetups in-person/online.


The number of written blog posts, technical articles.


The number of video tutorials created.

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